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Overdose Caffeine focuses on developing sophisticated online game worlds. We offer a variety of solutions for your online game development needs.
  • Browser based games using Adobe® Flash® technology
  • Mobile games using Adobe® AIR® technology
  • High performance Java™ server technology
  • Single or multiplayer game solutions
  • Social and viral games
  • Simple or complex virtual worlds
  • Tasteful and up-to-date graphic design


Coffee pack is our rapid development framework. It includes all the basic needs for shaping a multiplayer game structure that lets us completely focus on the game itself, instead of dealing with time-consuming low-level communication tasks. It includes an optimized and secure architecture for communicating to PHP scripts and LOPP server with multi-server support.
  • Optimized and secure architecture
  • PHP API calls and database access
  • Map, item and character editors
  • Player to player communication using LOPP server
  • Secure player to player trade algorithm
  • Supports multiple online payment options
  • Support for user generated maps


Bean grinder is our in-house game engine. Some of the features are:
  • Interface functions
  • Physics engine for items and characters
  • Sophisticated and fast collision testing mechanisms
  • Character and inventory manager
  • Resource manager
  • Advanced particle handling
  • Decals
  • NPC system


Low Orbit Press Pot is our game server platform. Some of the features are:
  • With JAVA™ technology, can run on any platform
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Fast response time
  • Smart data distribution
  • A single instance handles up to 700 concurrent players
  • Multiple instances can be run on the same machine
  • Threaded architecture for multi-CPU systems
  • Unlimited room support
  • Dynamic (User-defined) room management


Ether lord has been designed to deal with hacking and eavesdropping attemps against known techniques and tools. It encapsulates 5 years of field testing and experience.
  • Injection attack protection
  • Speed hack protection
  • Variable / Memory manipulation protection
  • Heuristic analysis with user definable ranges
  • Admin interface for viewing and analyzing
  • Moderation tools (Kick / Timed Ban / Permanent Ban)
  • Communication encryption

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