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As most of our players know, we constantly update Pocket Fleet with the feedback we get from our players.
At the moment we are rushing to finalize and polish the game for its final version -so we can start our new super awesome project-.

Here is the full update list we’ve just released, but before, check out our “new” Pocket Fleet trailer:

Pocket Fleet 1.4.4 update list:

+Sound / Music quality increased.
+New PvP kp gain system.
+New Ships:

+New Primary Weapons:
   -Quark Cannon
   -Pulse Cannon
   -Electron Blast

+New Secondary Weapons:
   -Nitro Missile
   -Lithium Missile
   -Particle Missile
   -Dyna Missile
   -Blast Missile
   -Cluster Missile

+New tutorial system to make things easier for newcomers.
+Lots of bugfix and interface polishing.

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