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For the past year, we have been developing an entirely new methodology and technology for creating VR Architectural Simulations in which you can walk inside, and we thought it’s time to share some details about it. We made a brief video explaining the  capabilities of our framework and introducing video captures from the simulations we [...]

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Odcaf VR creates immersive 3D experiences to bring your architectural projects to life, an immersive walkthrough experienced through a Virtual Reality headset. We develop your VR experience from the drawings or 3D models you already have, which enables us to streamline the process, reducing cost and time. We make it possible to be present in [...]

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As most of our players know, we constantly update Pocket Fleet with the feedback we get from our players. At the moment we are rushing to finalize and polish the game for its final version -so we can start our new super awesome project-. Here is the full update list we’ve just released, but before, [...]

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A post about us on the official Adobe Blog: With a small development team and the goal of making Pocket Fleet available quickly to a wide audience of casual and hardcore gamers, Overdose Caffeine sought a solution that offered cross-platform compilation—Android, iOS, and any computer with a browser—and rapid development. Read more here

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Hi Everyone -especially our dear intergalactic battle pilots from Pocket Fleet-,   As many of you guys know, we’ve been excited about the prospect of bringing Pocket Fleet to the Ouya for some time now, as we loved the device and thought TV was a great medium for fast-paced multiplayer gaming. Today, we’ve decided to end development [...]

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