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Overdose Caffeine is a young new media company specialized in developing fast, real-time multiplayer mobile games. We are not satisfied with the multitude of weak interaction games that has become the standard in multiplayer mobile gaming.

We strive to introduce our unique take on fast, immersive multiplayer mid-core action on modern casual gaming platforms


Advergames are an increasingly important marketing medium. Brand-impact studies clearly show that association of a brand with the fun of gaming has a positive impact on brand metrics such as brand awareness, message association and purchase intent. Consumers are far more likely to remember not just the brand or product itself, but to associate specific brand attributes with the game. We can rapidly develop high quality, multi-player or single-player advergames running on multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Adobe Flash


Using the proprietary technologies we have built for browser-based platforms, we develop multiplayer and single player projects unlike any other browser-based game. Our games have the speed and quality of traditional client-based games, yet they can be played on any browser that supports Adobe Flash Player without the need to download anything. Our state of the art multiplayer technology allows us to craft virtual worlds and build social games from scratch at a fraction of the cost, both in price and time.


Mobile gaming is immensely popular. More than 10 mobile devices are being sold worldwide every second. And it is not showing any signs of slowing down. We are working hard to bring our unique style, expertise and realtime multiplayer technology to the evergrowing mobile gaming market.


Our multi-platform games can be played on all computers and operating systems that have a browser with Adobe Flash support and mobile devices with Adobe AIR support. Players can pick up right where they left off using whatever device is available to them at the time.

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Odcaf VR – Hyperrealistic VR Simulations
Published on February 07, 2017

For the past year, we have been developing an entirely new methodology and technology for creating VR Architectural Simulations in which you can walk inside, and we thought it’s time to share some details about it. We made a brief video explaining the  capabilities of our framework and introducing video captures from the simulations we ...

Our virtual reality solutions are here!
Published on April 18, 2016

Odcaf VR creates immersive 3D experiences to bring your architectural projects to life, an immersive walkthrough experienced through a Virtual Reality headset. We develop your VR experience from the drawings or 3D models you already have, which enables us to streamline the process, reducing cost and time. We make it possible to be present in ...

Pocket Fleet Update
Published on November 18, 2013

As most of our players know, we constantly update Pocket Fleet with the feedback we get from our players. At the moment we are rushing to finalize and polish the game for its final version -so we can start our new super awesome project-. Here is the full update list we’ve just released, but before, ...

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